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What being a S’moo Babe means...

I read this quote this morning… “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” and it put me into deep thought about what being a S’moo Babe actually means. So I wanted to share my thoughts:

First, being a S’moo babe is about being a positive light to yourself and to others. Being a S’moo babe is about not letting your medical results define you and how you live your daily life. It is about waking up every day being thankful for another day on this earth, and taking the cards life has dealt you and making the absolute best of it.

Being a S’moo babe, is about taking your health into your own hands and learning to look at our experiences as learnings that we can take to helping others who are in the same shoes.
But some days being a S’moo babe means being vulnerable and asking for help, and some days being a S’moo babe means being the light that someone else needed to see that day.

Ultimately, it means that we are all beautifully connected by S’moo and together, we can make an impact to help women everywhere see that they are beautiful, and that there is hope no matter their situation in life. We all have the choice to live the best day we can today, and to make a choice to help someone else in need and make a positive impact.

This community is exactly that, and I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of it with all of you beautiful souls! S’moo brought us together, and I’m so excited to see the impact we can have as we navigate our hormones together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this.

Together, we will change so many lives together!

Customer reviews
Best thing of my life!
What can I say? Being apart of the S’Moo babes is the best thing in my life! There are thousands and thousands of women who are going through the same things like I am so I don’t feel alone! They motivate me and help me through my journey I have never felt more supported in my life and it’s so crazy because I don’t know these women, but they make me feel safe and feel like family❤️. I am 8 days into S’Moo and counting! I even started working out because this app motivated me so much and today is my 3rd day of it! If you have any normal imbalances, PCOS, or anything join this app and you will experience the best support of your life❤️💪🏽. WOMEN RULE!
— Katrina Wilson
Amazing Community & Amazing Products!!
I am so thankful I found S’moo! The people that run this company are so supportive & amazing, any questions I have had they’ve responded. The community is amazing, I see women reaching out and asking questions and everyone has something positive to say and help in whatever way they can. I’ve been taking the S’moo hormone balance powder and it has helped me tremendously! I definitely recommend this product to anyone that has PCOS! It has definitely been a life changer.
— Karah Slaugh
I truly love this app. It’s such a strong foundation of women with excellent advice, tips, and info! I love if I have any questions or maybe just looking for a new recipe, this app breaks it down and is easy to find. This app in connection with using the S‘moo product really rounds out the best experience. I love being a S’moo babe!
— KHudsonFam03
I love this app! The community of women who are involved are amazing at supporting each other, & are so helpful with giving advice & words of encouragement to each other. It’s also a great app for accountability & there’s tons of challenges every month. If you’re looking for your tribe, look no further. I’ve struggled with PCOS for years and the women in this app understand it & make it easy for everyone to feel included & validated.
— SheWearsPink
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About the Community

Why should I join?

There are many reasons you should join our S’moo Babe community, but here are our top three!

Purpose: Having a common sense of purpose around our goals is huge. You are the product of the people you spend the most time around, so being aligned on your purpose and goals is never a bad thing. Join the community to surround yourself with women going through similar experiences and who have similar goals!

Support: Let’s face it, having people who understand how you feel has a way of resonating deeper. Having a tribe means having a common goal or purpose, which means in the face of adversity, you have people you can lean on for support and love that is valuable and meaningful. 

Battling Loneliness: Especially during these last few years, it’s been hard to keep up with our social lives. Joining a group of people who share a common interest or purpose can jump start efforts to enhance our social connections. I’ve loved having S’moo Babes to connect with daily, and meeting friends all over the world.

How do I join?

You can access the community from your desktop or mobile via Facebook by clicking here and pressing "Join Group".

Does it cost money?

Our community is 100% free.

Is it a public or private community?

This is a private community to keep it a safe space. We have a 0 tolerance bullying policy, and remove any member in violation immediately.

How do I access the community?

You can access it here.

Do you also have a FB Group?

Yes, we do! You can join here.