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Meet Energiz(her), the 1st step of the S'moo Fitness supplement program.

Jumpstart your workout with Energiz(her) from S’moo! Now you can make the most of your workout with more energy and support for your body through your workout.

Energize and give your body the boost it needs before your workout with Energiz(her). This Peach flavored powder is a delicious and easy way to increase your endurance, focus and strength before hitting the gym! 

Energiz(her) formula helps you get results faster by being able to channel your full energy into your workout, no matter the time of day (or month!). Not to mention, pre-workouts aren't always hormone friendly, but this one is!  Energiz(her) has no artificial sweeteners or colors, and has only 49mg of natural caffeine from tea. Formulated for the perfect energy boost, without the crash.

For best results, mix 1 scoop with 8-10 ounces of water and consume within 15-20 minutes prior to your workout. This product contains 49mg of natural caffeine from tea per scoop, and is hormone friendly with no artificial sweeteners or colors.


Energy & Focus Complex: 
Vitamin B12 
Natural Caffeine from tea (49 mg)
Betaine Anhydrous 

Metabolic Health Complex:

Muscle Recovery Complex:
Vitamin B3  
Vitamin A
Folic Acid 

Hydration Boost:
Coconut Water Powder 


Energy & Focus Complex:
Vitamin B12 - Akey player in muscle growth, aiding in producing red blood cells which deliver oxygen to the muscles.
Natural Caffeine - Studies show that a dose of caffeine before a workout may increase fat oxidation during exercise. You’ll love this boost of energy!
L-Throsine - Best for improving mental performances, this amino acid is a great benefit to any good workout.
Betaine Anhydrous - May improve hydration, improve power and support protein synthesis.
Taruine - During your exercise you may experience increased endurance and performance.

Metabolic Health Complex:
S7 - Plant based pump boosters that work together to stimulate your body’s own natural production of nitric oxide which may help with energy, focus, endurance and performance.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine - May promote fat burning and endurance during your workout.

Muscle Recovery Complex:
Vitamin B3 - May provide energy and preserve muscle glycogen as well as help with general good health. May lower bad LDL cholesterol and improve overall cholesterol levels.
Vitamin A - Plays a critical role maintaining the heart, lungs, eyes and other organs. May help prevent muscle breakdown during endurance exercises.
Folic Acid - Helps in the development and maintenance of muscle tissue, helps enable enzymes to perform more efficiently. Increases your body’s ability to take in more oxygen.

Hydration Boost:
Coconut Water Powder - May help lower blood sugar, help support heart health, increase exercise endurance, and a delicious source of hydration.

THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY INTENDED FOR HEALTHY ADULTS, 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Before taking this product, consult a licensed, qualified, health care professional, especially if you are taking any other dietary supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter medication; or if you suspect you have or have been treated for, diagnosed with or have a family history of, any medical condition. This product contains caffeine and should not be used in combination with caffeine or stimulants from other sources.  Immediately discontinue use and contact a medical doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not use it safety seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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