Who We Are

Our story

S'moo is a women's health brand created by founder, Karagan who has struggled with PCOS since she was 14 years old. From gaining nearly 50 pounds overnight, and having a lack of answers or directions from doctors, she set out to find her own solution and found what later became S'moo. S'moo has gone on to help thousands of women around the world balance their hormones, manage their PCOS, get pregnant and more. Learn more about our story here.

Our Community

We are committed to supporting every woman who needs help, support, friendship, advice or sisterhood through this journey of life. We are a community first brand, and work hard to nourish a safe, uplifting and hopeful community of S'moo Babes that help eachother in every walk of life... regardless of if you use S'moo or not. We encourage everyone to join our free community.

Our Products

We are committed to providing only the highest quality, all natural ingredients in all of our products with proven & studied vitamins, minerals & herbs for hormone health. All of our products are GMPc and NSF certified and third party tested for accuracy, purity and quality. Check out all of our products here.

Our team

We are a family ran business, and work hard to make S'moo to be so much more than just a supplement. We appreciate your support, and are so thankful for the opportunity we have every day to help women around the globe balance their hormones, find community and become their best selves.

We take hormone health seriously which is why every team member at S'moo is a Hormone Health Certified Health Coach through the Insistute of Integrative Nutrition.

How We Live

Whether you use S'moo or not, everyone is welcome to our sisterhood! Our goal as S'moo Babes is to love and support everyone through each of our journeys while loving ourselves unconditionally. We live by the S'moo Babe Commandments, inside and out of the S'moo Babe Community.

Our First Product released in 2019

Ovary Good

Our first, and best selling Ovary Good is the exact vitamins, minerals and herbs Karagan took to manage her PCOS. After finding what finally worked for her, she wanted to share it with other women in hope it helps them like it helped her!