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I vividly remember the day I was diagnosed with PCOS because that day changed the entire trajectory of my life. After years of struggling & trying every possible “solution” in the book, I was left feeling hopeless with the options in front of me. After finally finding my perfect solution (nearly 10 years later), I decided I wanted to share it with the world in hopes to help others who are in the shoes I was once in. From that, the very first version of Ovary Good was born and we’ve never looked back. We’re on a mission to help women everywhere achieve optimal hormonal balance and feel their best selves again! 

Love Always, 
Karagan Osmann
Founder of S'moo
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Committed to helping S’moo Babes
everywhere feel their best selves again.

S'moo is a woman's health brand focused on balancing hormones, while in turn, improving mood,  energy, skin, hair health and more! We’re committed to supplying the highest quality, all natural products, made only with proven & studied vitamins, minerals & herbs. Our top product Ovary Good has helped women everywhere achieve optimal hormonal balance and feel their best selves again, from the inside-out. S'moo also just launched two new products Beauty Babe & Balanced Babe! These products are all natural and made with powerful adaptogenic herbs & antioxidants.

 With the support of our S’moo Babe community, we are each making an impact to help women everywhere see that they are beautiful, and that there is hope no matter their situation in life. Here at S’moo, we don’t let our medical results define us; instead, we choose to become stronger & better in every way possible. We are all beautifully connected by S’moo and together, we can make a lasting mark on this world as we navigate our hormones and celebrate the beauty in life.







We’re on the journey to hormone balance together.

One scoop a day and one amazing community away from happy hormones & a happy life. 

Here at S’moo, we put an emphasis on community. It’s our mission to empower women to be the best version of themselves through achieving optimal hormone balance and finding support through a community of like-minded women. Our community of S’moo Babes is what sets us apart from the rest. We have thousands of ladies that have developed lasting relationships with one another and were joined by two common things: the desire to feel their best selves again & S’moo! 

If you’re looking for a strong community of women to call your own, join us on our S’moo Babe platform and see why thousands of women around the world love & trust S’moo. 

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