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Our founder struggled with PCOS, a severe hormone disorder since she was 14 which brought her to bring S'moo to life to help women everywhere achieve hormone balance and feel amazing again.


I’ve loved my experience with S’moo! I can tell that the formula is helping my cycle regulate as well as even out my mood. I’ve been suffering from a sever hormone disorder for over a year and the results I’ve had from the Ovary Good powder have been amazing! 10/10 would recommend!

"Super convenient way to get a daily dose of PCOS specific supplements! Love how easy it is to pop in my smoothies, chia pudding or water bottle. The taste is great and I’m super happy with the quality of the ingredients. S’moo has helped me to stay on track with my supplement protocol to keep my cycles regular after having irregular cycles. Love it!"

I am LOVING S'moo!! I have noticed an incredible change in my energy levels and a drastic reduction in chest/back acne, which I've always been prone to. I'm so happy with the product and will definitely continue to use!

I started taking S'moo because I felt like my hormones where off and I knew I couldn’t add more pills to my diet. Once I started drinking it, I felt like it gave me more energy and now I don’t want to stop. It doesn’t effect the flavor of my smoothie so it’s easy to be healthy and enjoy S'moo without feeling inconvenienced.

"Ever since I started taking S'moo, I've been able to ditch most of my other supplements AND it's actually improved all my PCOS symptoms! Before S'moo I used to get light periods, but with S'moo my periods are perfectly cranberry red and a good healthy flow."

This is a lifesaver!!

S'moo is beyond my expectations. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost a year ago, but before I was diagnosed, I always struggled with energy levels, weight gain, hormonal acne, lack of motivation, irregular periods, depression, and mood swings. Ever since S'moo, I have been feeling acne is clearing up, my energy lasts all day long, i sleep much better, and I am starting to feel more motivated again. Definitely recommend!

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Meet The S'moo Team

  • Meet Our Founder, Karagan

    Karagan is the founder of S'moo! We encourage you to read her story about what brought her to found S'moo here. 

    When Karagan isn't working on S'moo, she enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, swing/country line dancing, spending time outdoors (camping, fishing, surfing), skiing, and country music. ❤️

  • Meet Taylor

    Taylor is our social media babe! 

    In addition to working at S’moo, she’s also a personal trainer. When Taylor’s not working on S’moo, you can find her in the gym, blogging, country line dancing, hanging by the beach, or doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Meet Kendall

    S’moo babe Kendall is on fire with her love to create and learn. From graphics to writing our weekly S’moo blogs, there is nothing that can slow her down! If she isn’t creating for S’moo she’s writing books, reading books, going off-roading, swing dancing and rescuing cats. Don’t blink or you might miss her! 🐱 

  • Meet Kelsey

    Kelsey is our amazing Customer Service babe! She recently wrote a book about a solo road trip she took a few years ago, which she hopes to publish this year! When she's not practicing yoga or hiking with her dog Cedric Diggory, she can be found shopping for more plants 🌱😍