Founder of S'moo, Karagan

My PCOS Story

PCOS has been my biggest struggle, and my biggest blessing.


I'm Karagan, and I'm the founder of S'moo. I'm here to share my PCOS story with you.

Ultimately PCOS is maybe not curable, but it's a 100% treatable. I hope my story shows that there is hope for each & every one of you, and inspires you to take your circumstances and make the absolute best of them. I have a motto...

Your medical results don't define you! Look for the opportunity in everything.

Here's My Transformation

The height of my PCOS

My Powerlifting Days

Current Day

It all started with my diagnosis...

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 years old. As an active young girl, gaining 50 pounds nearly overnight was the first hint that something might be off. Not to mention, my absent menstrual cycles. My mom took me to an OB-GYN for answers. After tests and an ultrasound, I was diagnosed with PCOS.

The Common answer every doctor has...

Just like most stories, mine started with something you likely can relate to... After going to the doctor, they told me I needed to lose weight & eat better, and go on Birth Control... If only it was that easy, right?!

I did what the doctor said, and went on Birth Control & continued in my active lifestyle for a meer 2-3 weeks before my mom put a stop to it.

At the time, it wasn't as well known that Birth Control was just a bandaid for PCOS, causing even more problems with hormone imbalances.

Luckily, my mom just wanted to take me off of it as soon as possible and didn't think birth control at such a young age was a good choice.

She was right.

We switched from doctor to naturopath.

We said goodbye to Birth Control, and found the next solution to explore... visiting a naturopath. We visited a recommended naturopath & acupuncturist where I started my journey of holistic healing.

The number one priority was to get my menstrual cycle. So every couple of weeks, I'd go in for the scheduled acupuncture and would take my prescribed chinese herb, Dong Quai daily. I got my period, but the weight loss and symptoms didn't solve themselves.

My symptoms were drastic... and I sought my own solutions.

My journey was just beginning. Even with my now period, I still had 50 extra pounds I couldn't lose, and my period wasn't consitent by itself. I also struggled with extreme fatigue, hormonal acne and anxiety.

I started working on my own health and wellness. MyFitnessPal & 24 Hour Fitness were my best friends... literally.

I threw away my social life.

I started going to the gym every single night, and would never miss a day. The treadmill, elliptical and StairMaster became my life. I would spend a minimum of 2 hours on them, and burn off EVERY calorie I ate that day. (1200 Calories).

I tracked every single thing I ate, down to a teaspoon of Mustard. It was an unhealthy obsession at that age, but I started to lose weight. I managed to get down to 120 pounds in about 6 months time.

But that wasn't the end.

If I ate one calorie over, I'd gain 3 pounds. Which is why it is no surprise that within months, I gained all my weight back. I spent the rest of my teenage years trying to get it back off. I sat around 155 pounds but fluctuated down & up through my remaining high school years. I missed countless social events (even grad night!), out of fear that I'd miss a day in the gym or eat over my daily calories, I dealt with binge eating episodes and sometimes I didn't want to leave the house because I didn't fit in my jeans.

It was so hard - and one of my biggest regrets is letting my PCOS and weight stop me from living my life. Even though I struggled though, I never gave up... and still went after my dreams.

Balance was needed.

When I turned 18, I was off to college & I needed balance in my life. I wanted to regain my life so I focused less on calorie counting, and less on the gym every single day and to my surprise, I didn't gain weight like I once did but I still wasn't happy with where I was. My PCOS still existed in other ways.. I didn't get my period consistently, and in fact, I had just stopped my naturopaths suggestions completely. I became complacent... I wasn't gaining weight, so whats the harm of having no period, fatigue, cystic acne, right?!

The next 4 years...

I just kept going, never quite happy with where I was but just dealt with it. I still worried about eating a lot of calories, or missing a day of the gym. It wasn't until I started power lifting that my weight and eating issues changed. I was so happy to be able to eat like a normal person again, and live what felt like a more normal life.

I gained weight, but it was all muscle. I was 155 pounds but in my eyes, I felt I was healthier than ever. But the truth was, I had taken it to the extreme and had been completely ignoring & exacerbating my PCOS.

It was so nice to feel like I looked this way on purpose, not because of PCOS, but because I chose it.

But, I had ignored my PCOS.

I loved powerlifting. In fact, I would say it's one of my biggest passions in my life. But I had taken it to the extreme, and had been ignoring my PCOS. I had horrible cystic hormonal acne on my chest, back, neck and face to the point it was starting to leave scars, I couldn't make it throughout the day without a nap and my anxiety was crippling... and I hadn't had my period in years.

Something had to change.

I wanted a family, I wanted to feel better and I wanted my feminine energy back. So I decided it was time to take back my health.

I wanted to fix it all.

Not just my period, like I had back in high school. I wanted an answer to all of it, and I was determined to find it. I researched and tried every recommended vitamin, mineral, herb that was suggested for PCOS, and created my own supplement stack. I was amazed myself at how quickly I was able to get my life back... My period regulated, my acne cleared up, my anxiety lessened and my personal favorite, I HAD ENERGY for the first time in a long time.

I stopped powerlifting during this time to let my body return back to normal, and started to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in place. I was worried that I would gain the weight back as I did before but I didn't. I was amazed, and grateful.

There was only one problem... I was taking TWELVE pills a day.

And this was how S'moo came to life.

Literally, S'moo was a epihany.

One beautiful morning, I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready and was dreading taking my 12 pills I had been taking each day... and realized I had to make it easier for myself. But then I thought, why just for me? There has to be so many other women out there who are endlessly seeking solutions just like I was, who can benefit from this.

And that day, S'moo was born. Everything came to me like it was meant to be. I thought I should find a way to make it a powder for Smoothies... which is where I found the name:

Smoothie. Smooth. S'moo, that's cute I thought!

The rest was history.

S'moo launched in 2019.

& what a beautiful journey it has been!

S'moo is so much more than a product to me... it is a movement of women who are taking control of their own health, asking questions, and finding the best solution for themselves!

There is no one sizes fits all solution for everyone with PCOS, but it's been so exciting to watch S'moo help thousands of women balance their hormones and manage their PCOS symptoms.

We focus on transparency and whether S'moo is the right fit for you, I recommend checking out the ingredients in S'moo for your PCOS journey.

Our First Product released in 2019

Ovary Good

Our first, and best selling Ovary Good is the exact vitamins, minerals and herbs Karagan took to manage her PCOS. After finding what finally worked for her, she wanted to share it with other women in hope it helps them like it helped her!