Prenatal Vitamin

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Currently TTC? If you are planning on adding to the family, this prenatal support is your all-in-one monthly supply for a healthy pregnancy. Pair it with Ovary Good from S’moo or take it alone. This is formulated to be taken before and during pregnancy and throughout nursing. With 17 traceable, clean ingredients for before and during pregnancy.

Vitamin A - is important for your baby’s embryonic growth, including the development of the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, and bones as well as the circulatory, respiratory, and central nervous systems.  

Vitamin C - helps with tissue repair and healing, as well as development of the baby’s bones and teeth.
Vitamin D - helps your baby’s bones, teeth, kidneys, heart and nervous system to develop. 
Vitamin E - helps your body create and maintain red blood cells, healthy skin and eyes, and strengthens your natural immune system.
Thiamin - improve concentration and memory
Riboflavin -helps convert carbohydrates into ATP which helps store energy in muscles. 
Niacin - keeps your nervous system, digestive system and skin healthy 
Vitamin B6 - Strengthens immune system
Folate - essential for the healthy development of the fetus in early pregnancy, in particular their neural tube.
Vitamin B12 - may help prevent birth defects such as spina bifida and defects that affect the spine and central nervous system.
Biotin - helps maintain body’s major systems and may help manage symptoms of diabetes
Pantothenic Acid - necessary for making blood cells, and helps you convert the food into energy.
Calcium - helps with development of a babies strong bones and teeth.
Iron - helps make extra blood (hemoglobin) for you and your baby during pregnancy. 
Iodine - essential for the production of maternal and fetal thyroid hormones that regulate the development of the fetal brain and nervous system
Magnesium - may reduce fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia as well as increase birth weight
Zinc - helps reduce preterm birth.