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Ovary Good - Hormone Balance Powder - Unflavored
Ovary Good - Hormone Balance Powder - Capsules
Ovary Good - Hormone Balance Powder - Caramel Macchiato
Multivitamin - Women's Daily
Balanced Babe - Adaptogens for Mood Support
Beauty Babe - Adaptogens for Hair and Skin Support
Build(her) - Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin & Vitamin C
Nourishher - Greens and Superfoods Powder
Ovary Good - Hormone Balance Powder - Vanilla Bean

Can S'moo help with Menopause?

Our Hormone Balance Supplements have been shown to help manage symptoms associated with Menopause.

Our core product, Ovary Good is an all natural hormone balance powder created with 7 vitamins, minerals and herbs that can help balance hormones naturally and may help relieve common symptoms.

We are so happy to have seen many success stories from S'moo Babes finding Menopause relief while using S'moo. While results vary person to person, and results aren't guaranteed... we are so hopeful for S'moo to help you on your journey.

Menopause Supplements

S'moo products were originally created for PCOS, however they have gone on to help women from all walks of life including Menopause. Our best selling hormone balance powder, Ovary Good is most commonly used to help manage common symptoms. However, all of our supplements can be used during Menopause.

Success Stories from S'moo Babes

We love hearing from fellow S'moo Babes who have shared their journey through Menopause with us while using our natural Menopause supplements. We are so happy that they found success with S'moo and hope their stories inspire you. S'moo may not be the answer for everyone, but it's the answer for many and we are so thankful. If you are currently struggling with symptoms or just not feeling yourself, we hope these stories give you hope and remind you to not give up! We are here for you always, whether or not you use S'moo. We hope to have you join our community to connect with other S'moo Babes on the same journey, and look forward to connecting with you soon!

Don't know where to start?

Check out our best selling Menopause supplements:

menopause vitamins

Ovary Good

May help with reducing common symptoms such as: Hot Flashes, Weight Gain, Chills, Night Sweats, Sleep Problems, Mood Changes and Slowed Metabolism.**

Menopause Vitamins

Babe Boosters

Created with powerful adaptogenic herbs to help improve mood balance, and hair, skin and nails.

Menopause Vitamins

Women's Multivitamin

This once a day, easy to swallow Multivitamin is a game changer. Not only does it ensure you are getting your daily nutrients, but it also contains 4 support blends for Stress Relief, Digestive Health, Hormone Balance and Immune Health.

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Did you know that we have a free community to support you throughout your hormone balance journey? We'd love for you to join us! Meet friends, get support, share your stories, get advice and more. Join today!

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