Menopause Success Stories

We're so thankful for all the S'moo Babes who have shared their Menopause journey with us, and so happy that they found success with S'moo. S'moo may not be the answer for everyone, but it's the answer for many and we are so thankful. If you are currently trying manage your Menopause symptoms, we hope these stories give you hope and remind you to not give up! We are here for you always, whether or not you use S'moo. We hope to have you join our community to connect with other S'moo Babes on the same journey, and look forward to connecting with you soon!

S'moo Babes share how S'moo helped their Menopause symptoms:

"Definitely something I'll continue to add daily. "

" I'm in menopause and wanted something to help balance me out. I add S'moo powder to my superfoods shake every morning and I can't even tell since it doesn't alter the flavor. Definitely something I'll continue to add daily."

- Stephanie M.

"28. Agressive PCOS, Premature Menopause with horrible acne, mood swings, depression..."

"The title of this review alone tell my exact situation. I struggled with acne since i was a kid and i still struggle but within a couple days using this everyday mixing it with fruits, almond or coconut milk, my skin started to clear and transform. My mood started getting better. My libido is thru the roof. Basically its going well. Some people complain about the taste but you just have to know how to blend and mix well. I used my nutribullet. I always get unflavored so i can mix with fruits, nuts, chocolate, etc. I can mix with anything. I love it. Thank you!"

- Amanda W.

"Just what I needed!"

"S’moo has been great!!! I purchased it to help with pre- menopause symptoms. I can honestly say my night sweats have decreased and I have much more energy. So far, the unflavored has been my favorite to mix in both smoothies and my morning coffee!"

- Robin B

"Ladies, try it and feel the difference."

"I recommend this product to women, it has balance my body and made things a little easier going through menopause for me. I’ve tried quite a few recipes on the app and they have all been good. All I can say ladies try it and feel the difference."

- Jean

"This has been the most amazing product I came across!!!!""

"This has been the most amazing product I came across!!!! I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and I was starting to go through menopause at 38!!! Started taking this every morning with my smoothie and my hot flashes …. Mood swings… and crying for no reason have stopped!!! Thank you so much!"

- Lisa B.


"I’m actually using S’moo to ease menopause symptoms and help with PCOS (which doesn’t go away after a hysterectomy). I still have insulin resistance and many other PCOS symptoms. I have noticed a difference slowly but surely mostly in my energy levels and better sleep/ less anxiety! Hopefully it will only get better from here! "

- Robin M.

"I wish s’moo was around when I was in my 20s"

"I wish s’moo was around when I was in my 20s. But now in my 50s it helps with all that menopause brings and my PCOS. Thank you so much for development a solution for all women."

- Liz C.

"Faithful User Since May 2020"

"This has become such a small part of my routine that’s made a huge difference in my life this year. So much of a difference that my mother who is in her fifties and is going through menopause was inspired to become a S’moo user too. She used to suffer through hot flashes and mood swings and now I have noticed such a shift in her life too. We both are much lighter and happier and feel ready to take on our busy days like the strong women we are. S’moo makes me feel more capable than I ever could have imagined in all aspects of my life. I am so glad that this product helped me connect with my mom in a new way too."

- Meya H.

"I am back to myself!"

" I love it!! I am back to myself! I SUFFERED from menopause symptoms until I found S’moo! This is the best thing ever."

- Rosalva T.

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S'moo products are natural supplements and results vary person to person. We recommend sticking with S'moo consistently for a minimum 3-4 months to start seeing results. Use daily for best results.

** S'moo is a natural supplement, we always recommend consulting your doctor prior to use to make sure it is the right fit for you. **