Challenges come in all shapes and sizes through life but the right ones can shape you into the person you’d like to be or at least set you on the right path.


Smoo45 Challenge to Achieve Goals:

Here at S’moo our goal is to give you the tools to be your best self. It’s time to level up your physical, mental and hormonal health in 45 days.

Planner to track your progress:

That’s right, with a free printable planner you can track your progress, set you goals and start out small. Small? Yes SMALL because studies show it is easy to set a big goal but it’s hard to find all the steps that lead to it.

Which is why we created the Smoo45 to help you bring your thoughts and goals or dreams to the surface, in order to help make them a reality.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You are looking for a way to create a healthy lifestyle
  • Making lifestyle changes to manage your PCOS symptoms
  • Just starting to take S'moo
  • On a fertility journey
  • Looking for a community of sisters to connect with
  • Wanting to build consistency and routine into your life. 
  • Looking to build healthy habits into your day to day routine. 
  • Wanting to work on mindfulness, and practice gratitude

YES, YES, YES and YES! You do matter and this challenge is here when you are ready. During these 45 days, you’ll learn how to prioritize small healthy habits and how they can benefit you (and your hormones) in the long run and build big changes that last!

Download Free Planner:

Download your free planner today and start tracking your water intake, set a diet goal, track your workouts, take time to read and more. Remember you are not lone.

Download S’moo Babe App:

Download the free S’moo Babe app and connect with others working on their journey to hormone balance!