Let’s face it, finding a supportive & safe space these days is nearly impossible but search no more! The S’moo Co. has officially created S'moo Babes! The first ever social media platform dedicated to women's health & hormone balance. This is a social media created by women for women.

Today I’m going to tell you all about it because I'm already addicted! I've been spending my time there instead of on my other social media platforms and it has already helped reduce stress and help me problem solve with other like minded women! In this blog I'm going to go over some helpful hints so you can get the most out of this free app! Let's get started.

First, I want to point out that this private platform serves as a safe space for us to chat about all things feminine! Starting conversations about your period, reproductive health, trying to conceive, sex life, diet, health and more, have never been so easy.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up, this link will lead you to the free app for your phone or allow you to access the app from your computer!  This is just like any social media where you can easily chime in at the touch of a button from your phone.

What kind of groups can I be part of?

Groups include: Beauty & Skincare, Emotional Support, Endometriosis, General Discussion, Health and Wellness, PCOS, Period Talk, Pregnancy, Recipes, Smoo45, Success Stories, Trying to Conceive and Motivation!

What can I do on this social media?

This is similar to other social medias meaning you can create a profile, direct message people, comment on posts, follow and unfollow other users, join groups, use hashtags, tag other members and more.

Set goals!

Social media can be used for a lot of things but it’s important to set goals and challenge yourself. Let other S’moo Babes be your cheerleaders as you start actives like the Smoo45 or battle new elements in your life.

What you can do to have the best experience on the S’moo Babes Social Media Platform:

1. Personalize your page! This is like any other social media account and uploading a profile photo and telling other S’moo Babes a little about yourself really helps you connect with the other women you’re interacting with.
You have options!
2. When you join you’ll be added into the main groups automatically, but you can choose to stay in those groups or add other groups based on the topics you’re most interested in. Just go to the top left corner to activate the dropdown menu and click on groups.
3. Notifications are great but you’ll need to decide what you want to see, just go to your profile and click on the settings wheel, then click on “notifications” in order to edit. Without doing this, all notifications will be turned on automatically.
4. Reach out to like minded women! Give your advice, tell others about your experiences via a comment or direct message. You can even join our group chat rooms. The options are limitless. 


When you join, create a post and introduce yourself, let us know where you’re from.

What are the group rules? I want to make sure I’m in a safe space.

S’moo babes only! Sorry, boys!
This is not a customer service channel! If you have any CS related issues, please email us at hi@thesmooco.com as this is an area for S’moo babes to interact with one another. However, feel free to ask questions that other S’moo babes can answer!
- Be kind: We believe in kindness, empowerment and lifting each other up. Any hurtful comments will be immediately deleted and blocked. Repetitive instances may cause account suspension/deletion.
Please no soliciting, repetitive sales posts will lead to account suspension or deletion.
- This community is to discuss women's health. Our goal is to keep it as friendly, and welcoming as possible. Politics, religion, and other sensitive topics are advised against, and may be deleted and/or cause account suspension/deletion.
- Sensitive topics: Please mark with SENSITIVE TOPIC at the top to forewarn users to proceed with caution.

We believe there is nothing like having a group of strong women who have your back, and can help propel each other forward to success! And if you're here, that means you've found your people. 

It’s our goal to have a SAFE & SUPPORTIVE space for us all to share with our fellow S’moo Babes!