#1: I am beautiful, exactly as I am and so are my sisters.

As a S’moo Babe, my role is to be a positive light to myself & to others. No negative self talk here, uplift myself and my sisters and tell myself the truth - that you are strong, beautiful and you’ve got anything you set your mind to!


#2: I don’t let my medical results define me, or my life.

Being a S’moo Babe is about not letting my medical results define me and how I live my daily life. It is about waking up every day being thankful for another day on this earth, and taking the cards life has dealt and making the absolute best of it.


#3: I am my most authentic self.

 I am unapologetically myself, and don’t change who I am for the sake of someone or something else. Unless, it’s self-improvement… S’moo Babes are all about that!


#4: I do hard things.

Being a S’moo Babe means I make it a goal to do hard things, set goals & hold myself accountable. I not only earn self-respect, but it makes me happier than I could imagine! 


#5: I have the power to say no. 

I know when it’s time to say no to what does not or no longer serves me. Saying no is vital to living the life I want and deserve!


#6: I lead with an impact first mentality.

 Being a S’moo Babe means I see the importance of empowering and uplifting other women. I make it a point to tell my other S’moo Babes or friends, something nice each day and make them smile!


#7: I start with 5 minutes.

Consistency & micro goals are the way for S’moo Babes! By committing to just 5 minutes each day, I’m able to develop life-changing skills and break up a “bigger picture” goal into something daily & attainable. Whether I’m writing a book, working out every day, or just want more quality time with my significant other, the 5 minute rule can be applied to any area of my life.


#8: I celebrate my wins & others.

As a S’moo Babe, I recognize that every small win is worth celebrating! I see the value in sharing my wins with my friends and other S’moo Babes, just like I see the value in celebrating their wins, as well. 


#9: I practice gratitude for my life, my body and anything else! 

As a S’moo Babe, I make it a point to acknowledge what I’m grateful for each day. I appreciate what I DO have vs. being upset about what I DON’T have. By taking a moment to reflect or journaling it down, it gives me the opportunity to really acknowledge the abundance in my life. I also make it a point to tell someone that I’m grateful for them, too. :) 


#10: I understand that Physical Health is not a one size fits all approach. 

Part of being a S’moo Babe is listening to my body and what it needs. What if I don’t like going to the gym or doing the same thing every day?! I acknowledge that it’s perfectly okay to go down the road less traveled when it comes to fitness. I can try dancing in my living room, pick up roller skating, try Jiu Jitsu, or even just go on a walk with my dog! I look for whatever sets my heart on FIRE & gets me moving. 


#11: I nourish my body and mind in the best way I can.

While I understand that we all have our limitations, it’s important for me to do the best I can each day (and aim for nothing less)! Even when I feel like I can’t that day, I acknowledge that not every day will be perfect - and that’s okay! As long as I strive to do my best, I meet myself where I’m at and thank my body for getting me there. I try to set micro goals for myself in anything I find important (diet, fitness, personal time) and check them off my list as I achieve them. 


#12: I am thankful for community, and love!

I am thankful to be part of the S’moo Babe community of women who love & empower one another to live our best lives. It’s important for me to remember that I’m never alone and am okay with asking for help. We are all beautifully connected by S’moo and are more powerful together than we are alone. By being joined in community, we can make an impact to help women everywhere see how valuable they are and acknowledge the beauty & hope in every circumstance, no matter our situation in life. By making the choice to live the best day we can today, we can positively influence others while making an impact in someone else’s life.