Pregnancy Success Stories

We're so thankful for all the S'moo Babes who have shared their fertility journey with us, and so happy that they found success with S'moo. S'moo may not be the answer for everyone, but it's the answer for many and we are so thankful. If you are currently trying to concieve, we hope these stories give you hope and remind you to not give up! We are here for you always, whether or not you use S'moo. We hope to have you join our community to connect with other S'moo Babes on the same journey, and look forward to connecting with you soon!

"I had a cyst on my ovary and almost gave up."

Long story short, I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2019 after many years of not having a regular cycle. Fast forward to 2021. I got married knew it was going to be a process to get pregnant, saw doctors and took smoo for a while, got a cyst on an ovary and almost gave up. April 22 something told me to take a test and loan and behold it was positive. Little did we know that at my 8 week ultrasound we would be having twins. I am 14 weeks and babies are growing and very wiggly in mommy. Don’t give up your time will come too!

"The worst storms make the best rainbows!"

The worst storms make the best rainbows! My journey with S'Moo has been WONDERFUL, I was trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half and after a couple weeks of taking S'moo inconsistently I became pregnant with my first! Fast forward to week nine, right before Christmas, no heartbeat. The baby had only made it to 7.5 weeks. I knew as soon as I was healed I was going to try taking s'moo again and I did! Within two months I was pregnant again! I am now officially 12 weeks pregnant with my rainbow who is due in the same week as I had lost my first. Talk about full circle! Ladies who are trying to conceive, S'MOO WORKS. Never give up hope, your babies and rainbows will happen.

"I am over the moon!"

I have PCOS and have never been pregnant in my life. My grandmother had carrying issues so I’ve always been weary I may inherit that. Are there S’Moo products I should continue during my pregnancy to help? Thank you s’moo!!!

"5 faithful months of S’moo and **BAM** pregnant!"

5 faithful months of S’moo and bam pregnant! Ladies don’t lose hope! I was told i have pcos and that I would only have a baby with ivf or have to get on birth control! I refused to believe that’s the only way! I started searching for more natural ways and this was my first try. I tracked my periods and followed my ovulation marks! But without S’moo I wouldn’t have had any periods! I really helped me flow naturally! I am so grateful for this product! Please have hope!

"I truly believe that S'moo is the reason that we have been gifted this angel"

I truly believe that S'moo is the reason that we have been gifted this angel. In October of 2020 I got pregnant after taking S'moo for a couple of weeks, my husband and I had been trying for a baby for over a year and a half and with S'moo it happened so quickly! Sadly I had a miscarriage right before Christmas at 9 weeks pregnant. Fast forward only a couple months I got pregnant again in March 2021 with the help of S'moo again! On December 21st our girl Melina was born the same week I had lost her older sibling just a year before. We have really come a full circle! Ladies who are trying to conceive never give up!!! S'moo is magical and works wonders!

" I found and amazing doctor and s'moo!"

I have struggled with irregular periods and awful menstrual cramps. Doctor's telling me I couldn't get pregnant. So I kept telling myself I didn't want kids. Kids aren't for me. I found and amazing doctor and s'moo! My doctor fixed my endometriosis with surgery in October of 2021 and I started s'moo December 2021 and here we are March and we expecting our first little one!

"The positives came after 3 days into my 4th tub of S'moo."

I was officially diagnosed with PCOS a year ago but I have been struggling with it for years, and if I look back, I think it started around the age of 20/21. With all the symptoms: weight gain, crazy hormones fluctuations, acne (face, back and chest), ovarian cysts, and most recently infertility because of all the issues above, I couldn’t ovulate. My OBGYN only gave me birth control and other hormone medications which only made everything worst, and he did not give me hope for getting pregnant naturally. I finally decided to wait to have a baby (for at least 3 years) so I can focus on being healthy. I stopped taking all the meds and started taking SMOO and other natural supplements. Again, I had left the idea of having a baby anytime soon… I really thought I couldn’t become pregnant but then came my missed period and what gave it away was that I can no longer tolerate onions , which I love. 5 days after my missed period I decided to just test. And here are the results So for those of you who are trying to conceive or are trying this out to see if it works… it definitely works!!! Just give it a bit of time. The positives came after 3 days into my 4th tub of S'moo.

"Don't ever give up. Have hope and prayers!"

This is my 6 months old S'moo baby. Don't ever give up. Have hope and prayers!

"I’ve been using S'moo for 6 months and 3 months ago started trying to get pregnant"

I’ve been using S'moo for 6 months and 3 months ago started trying to get pregnant. This week, one week before I had an appointment to try other fertility intervention again, I got a positive pregnancy test. I have a long ways to go and this journey not guaranteed and it is a long road to the finish line…. but I did it. I know now that if I take care of my body it will take care of me. I share this with you all because I want to lift you up and give a little extra hope that it’s possible. My ovulation was still late and my cycles varied, but I tracked it with ovulation sticks and period apps and I left the rest up to the universe. Sending baby dust to all of you who are hoping this will help you. Here’s a little proof that it can. Don’t give up!

"This plus sign popped up quick! My husband and I are so excited for baby number 2!"

Been on S’moo for a month now and been trying to get pregnant again for a few months and today just felt like I should take a test and to my surprise this this plus sign popped up quick! My husband and I are so excited for baby number 2!

"What a ride to get here!"

I want to welcome my smoo baby. What a ride to get here! It was a hard pregnancy being covid positive, on going morning sickness, low iron and gestational diabetes. But he is worth every struggle.

"Got my smoo baby finally!!!"

Got my smoo baby finally!!! Been trying 4 years and since taking I was able to have routine cycles!

"Thank you, S'moo!"

Thank you S’moo !!!! I’m going to have a beautiful boy !!!! This is my miracle baby !!!

"Just wanted to show off my happy & healthy (now one year old) S’moo baby!!!"

Just wanted to show off my happy & healthy (now one year old) S’moo baby!!!I took smoo last year starting March 20 ended up conceiving March 26-30th after a year of tracking my cycle with no luck. I just started taking again yesterday and hoping for baby #2 soon!!!!

"We have our first ultrasound a week from today."

Karagan and team — thank you so much for this beautiful gift! It made me tear up. I appreciate your ladies’ kindness so much. I’m so thankful for S’moo and the opportunity to have our miracle baby. We have our first ultrasound a week from today. I’m praying for the best.

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