PMS & PMDD Success Stories

We're so thankful for all the S'moo Babes who have shared their PMS & PMDD journey with us, and so happy that they found success with S'moo. S'moo may not be the answer for everyone, but it's the answer for many and we are so thankful. If you are currently trying manage your PMS symptoms, we hope these stories give you hope and remind you to not give up! We are here for you always, whether or not you use S'moo. We hope to have you join our community to connect with other S'moo Babes on the same journey, and look forward to connecting with you soon!

S'moo Babes share how S'moo helped their PMS symptoms:

"In love!!!"

"Wow! I’m so impressed. I saw S’Moo several months ago when looking for something for my lifelong battle with PMDD ( Premenstal Dysphoric Disorder) I’ve suffered with the worst mood swings, heavy and painful periods, mania and fatigue. I started noticing as I got older (38) that my sleep is wacky and I’m my energy levels are at al all time low, especially after my periods. I just feel off, it’s the be at way to explain it. This is changing my energy levels and moods! I feel really great already. I have been telling all the women in my life and my wife, this is a must have. I add it to my morning smoothies or coffee so far and I’m hopeful for even more healthy and balanced changes with each container. In love!!!"

- Casey G.

"I was suffering from the worst PMS possible and once I tried Smoo all of that was gone."

"I am so glad I made the decision to order Smoo, I was suffering from the worst PMS possible and once I tried Smoo all of that was gone. This is an amazing product that it also helped me loose a couple pounds."

- Aida O

"PMS Game Changer!"

"I have horrible PMS and struggle with PCOS as well as endometriosis. I have maybe 1 good week of feeling normal then 3 weeks of emotional roller coaster. My periods are awful, painful, heavy and never regulated. I can't take birth control (my body rejects it) I've dealt with this struggle since I was 15 years old. I'm soooo happy I have found this and my doctor approved it when I got my check up. I've been taking S'moo for a month now and just switched to the vitamin! Results so far: Biggest result is my mood, less acne, my nails are healthy and growing fast. My periods are still delayed and painful but I'm hoping with time I will see a change! I've only been taking this for 1 months. I'll let you know how I am in 3 months!"

- Chelsea P.

"Goodbye PMS"

"This powder cured my PMS. It’s magic. Just buy it already!"

- Isabel Z.

"Life changing!"

"S'moo has helped tremendously with overall anxiety, balancing me out and PMS symptoms."

- Crystal D.

"My cramps and PMS are non existent"

"My experience was wonderful with using S’moo. My hormonal acne has cleared. My cramps and pms were non existent. I love S’moo!!"

- Vinika T.

"Wonderful Product"

"I look forward to taking Smoo every night. My cycles have been so regular and my pms symptoms are gone!"

- Kelly M.

"Better Every Day"

"My daughter is feeling better every day. PMS symptoms and pain significantly reduced, less fatigue and overall more energy every day."

- Michelle B.

"Very happy with this product"

"My cycle seems to be regulating and isn't as heavy. Also, less PMS symptoms. Very happy with this product. I will definitely recommend it to others!"

- Nicole E.


"I was skeptical about this product at first but I started noticing differences very quickly and definitely noticed a difference in my PMS and also menstrual cycle."

- Kalyn

"Game Changer"

"Three months in, third normal period. No bleeding or spotting in between. My pms and pain have reduced. Can’t wait to try for another few months. ❤️"

- Catetina R.

"Has cleared my skin and helped me relax!"

"Great supplement I hope NEVER goes away! My skin is clear, my hormones seem balanced and my PMS is gone! I cant be more happy about the results!"

- Melissa G.

" I can't imagine ever stopping!"

"I have been using S’Moo for 3 months now and it really works! No PMS , milder cramps and my skin is so much better. I can’t imagine ever stopping!"

- Emily F.

"Finally hope"

"After years with dealing with the most awful PMS I have found some natural relief. Been using S’moo for about 7 weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased or relieved. :)"

- Jessica H.

"Helped SO MUCH"

"I’ve dealt with painful cramping, long periods and horrible PMS symptoms. This has helped SO MUCH with calming those symptoms and making me feel better during that time of the month."

- Kassidy M

"I have PCOS and PMDD..."

"I have had wonderful results with this product. I have PCOS, and PMDD and have been looking for a product that could help with both. This project is helped alleviate the symptoms of PCOS and my PMDD . I will continue to buy it finally, I found something that helps."

- Carly D.

"Helped me get pregnant and eased by PMDD symptoms"

"Just started smoo again after giving birth - smoo helped me get pregnant and eased my PCOS and PMDD symptoms. I am so grateful!"

- Jessica M.

"I have PMDD and feel out of control sometimes and this has helped me tremendously.."

"I feel so much better after taking this daily along with Balanced Babe! I have PMDD and feel out of control sometimes and this has helped me tremendously to stay feeling healthy and sane."

- Jo

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Results may vary.

S'moo products are natural supplements and results vary person to person. We recommend sticking with S'moo consistently for a minimum 3-4 months to start seeing results. Use daily for best results.

** S'moo is a natural supplement, we always recommend consulting your doctor prior to use to make sure it is the right fit for you. **