S'moo Babes Community

S'moo Babes, the community founded by women for women. Our founder struggled with PCOS, a severe hormone disorder since she was 14 which brought her to bring S'moo (www.thesmooco.com) to life to help women everywhere achieve hormone balance and feel amazing again. We're all on the journey to hormone balance together & we believe there is nothing like having a group of strong women who have your back, and can help propel each other forward to success! The S'moo Babes private group serves as a safe space for us to chat all things women’s health! We know it can be daunting to talk about periods, reproductive health, TTC, sex life, recipes, etc. in public places - but it’s our goal to create a SAFE & SUPPORTIVE space for us all to share with our fellow S’moo Babes! Join us today and become a S'moo Babe!