Balanced Babe Ingredients

Goji: (May help promote) Reduced Fatigue and Stress Levels, Higher Energy Levels, Better Quality of Sleep, Mental Acuity, Feelings of Health & Happiness

Astragalus: May help promote: Mental Calmness, Feelings of Balance, Mitigation of Mood Swings, Regulating Stress Levels

Gaba: (May help promote) Calming Effects, Improved Mood, Anxiety Relief, PMS Relief

Red Sage Root: (May help promote) Reduced Anxiety, Feelings of Contentedness & Calmness

Reishi: (May help promote) Boost Energy, Alleviate Anxiety, Ease Feelings of Depression, Encourage Better Sleep

Maca: (May help promote) Improved Mental Well-Being, Improved Mood, May Reduce Feelings of Depression and Anxiety.

L-Theanine & Chamomile: (May help promote) Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Promote Sense of Calm & Overall Better Mood

Holy Basil Leaf & Ashwagandha: (May help promote) Reduce Stress Levels, Provide Social Anxiety Relief, Reduce Fatigue, Promote Calmness