Beauty Babe - Adaptogens for Hair and Skin Support

One scoop a day may help naturally support:

  • Strengthen Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Skin Hydration & Elasticity
  • Cell Vitality & Antioxidant Properties

This Babe Booster is an all-natural herbal supplement helps beautify your hair and skin with highly studied natural ingredients that support your whole-body health, keeping your look young and new.  No proprietary blend and no additional supplementation needed.

Just one scoop a day in your favorite smoothie, protein shake or water.  

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All Natural Ingredients

Contains All Natural Ingredients Such As Biotin, Calcium, Lycium, Schisandra Berry, Rehmannia, Amla, Pearl Powder, Stevia. The Powerful Formula Helps Support Your Natural Beauty By Nourishing Your Hair, Skin And Nails.

Manage Symptoms Naturally.

Naturally supports healthy hair, nails and skin. may help improve hair growth, support radiant skin and strong nails, rejuvenate and support skin cells, promote anti-aging.

One Scoop a Day

Just one scoop a day. Add to smoothies, oatmeal, dressing, cookies, or anything you'd like! Taking vitamins has never been easier.

Love Your Results

We have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't get the results you want, we'll be happy to refund you!

How to Use

For best results, add 1 scoop of Beauty Babe daily to your smoothie. Beauty Babe can be combined with other S'moo supplements.

Want to get creative? Beauty Babe can be mixed with anything including Oatmeal, Yogurt, Salad Dressing, Iced Lattes, Pancakes and so much more!

How can we help?


Beauty Babe

What ingredients will help with my hair, skin, and nails?

Biotin: (May help support) Improved Hair Health & Reduced Hair Loss, Improve Skin Health & Improve Glowing Skin, Strengthen Nails
Pearl Powder: (May help support) Strengthen Hair, Promote Production of Collagen, Improve Skin Tone
Lycium: (May help support) Reduce wrinkles, promote hair growth, protect against free radicals, increase skin hydration, help treat acne.
Schisandra Berry: (May help support) Anti-Aging, Protect Skin Cells & Promote Glowing Skin, Promote Hair Shine, & May Also Protect Against UVB Induced Skin Damage
Rehmannia Root: (May help support) Reduce Hair Loss, Reduce Dry Skin or Hair, Restore Hair Health and Vibrancy
Amla Fruit: (May help support) Promote Anti-Aging, Help Treat Acne, Promote Hair Health, Even Skin Tone, Reduce Hair Problems such as Dryness.

How do I take Beauty Babe?

Just one scoop a day in your favorite liquid, smoothie, oatmeal, coffee, protein shake, pancakes, water…etc.

Can I take this with other S’moo Products?

You can combine this product with all other S’moo Products as well, including Ovary Good, Multivitamins, and the Prenatal.

Is Beauty Babe Gluten Free? Vegan? Sugar Free?

Yes! Beauty Babe is gluten free, vegan and sugar free. Beauty Babe is naturally sweetened with Stevia.

What are adaptogens and what do they do?

Adaptogens are components of herbal medicines that are said to help the body's resilience in dealing with physical and emotional stresses. Adaptogens are also said to have anti-aging properties. Adaptogens are said to help the body overcome the influences of physical, chemical, or biological stressors.