So first, let me say, WOW. It’s so rewarding reading the results women have had from S’moo! It actually made me cry, happy tears. This week we had our one year S’moo Birthday, one year of helping amazing women like you.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some reviews based on their subject of success: Mood, PCOS, Periods, Acne, Fertility and more. It wasn’t easy to separate these reviews and put them in categories because honestly, so many of you have been helped in more than one way by S’moo.

5 Star Reviews

Feeling Happy On Amazing Reviews!

I love these reviews that mention a positive change in mood. Sometimes we can go through a mood shift and they come on for no reason, or so we think! We often don’t realize that things like our mood can be affected from hormone imbalances. Sure, we give in and say, it’s PMS but even PMS symptoms (including negative moods) can be eliminated when our bodies hormones are balanced.

Really feel different - Amelia P.

I definitely notice my mood and energy are up when I'm taking Smoo. Less menstrual cramping and pimples around the time of my period too!

Amazing!!!! - Sara G.

This stuff is amazing! I felt like I tried everything. From being on the pill, working with a nutritionist, changing my diet, etc. Only some things kind of made a difference, but I still was unhappy with my progress. It wasn't until I tried S'moo that I found what really worked for me! My breakouts disappeared, bloating gone, lost weight and felt happier! I have been recommending this to everyone including my gyno so she can tell her patients. I notice a difference when I haven't been using it regularly. I make sure I subscribe monthly so I don't have to go through the terrible side effects of PCOS. I highly recommend this product!

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is why S’moo started. Our Founder, Karagan struggled with her PCOS symptoms for years before she took matters into her own hands and created S’moo. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels, often resulting in them skipping menstrual periods and making it difficult for them to get pregnant. As well as dealing with a ton of side affects like weight gain, unwanted facial hair, fatigue and more. You can find out more about it here but what you really need to know is how S’moo has been helping women with PCOS regulate their bodies and get their life back.

Oh. My. God. - Brittni T.

I was skeptical but very curious when I heard about Smoo and now, I'm a believer! I've dealt with PCOS and it's symptoms for over ten years - painful periods, heavy bleeding, headaches, no energy, high BP, and so much more. After my first scoop of Smoo, I know that my life changed. I had less pain, next to no headaches, and somehow I had energy to spare! I'm so happy with this product and what you all are doing for women everywhere!

Got my period! - DaKeitha B.

I have pcos and I have struggled with having a normal cycle for years. I was diagnosed 10 years ago. I have been on birth control and metformin off and on over the years. I had one year of normal periods after getting off bc, but my doctor urged me to start taking them again. After other complications, I decided that I did not want to continue, and went 3 months without having a period. Then finally I had one in October then again in November right on schedule. Then the periods stopped again after that. I started taking s'moo last month and within 4 days I got my period! I've only been taking s'moo for a couple weeks, but I am definitely pleased with the results so far!

Amazing! - Aricka C.

I was so excited to try this since I saw it on Facebook and it hasn't disappointed! I struggle with pcos and a pituitary gland tumor which affects hormones so I've always had a problem with hormone imbalance. This has definitely helped me with a lot of what I have struggled with like hormonal acne, fatigue and stomach pains. I will definitely keep ordering!

No More Acne

Clear Skin is what most of us aim for, acne is painful and it can take some time to heal. Most of the time, as one is fading, another is flaring up. One of the number one causes of acne is hormones! Which is why S’moo is clearing up skin as it balances hormones!

Awesome - Zoe F.

I've been taking S'moo for two weeks and for the first time in 10 years my acne is going away!!! My skin looks amazing! Cant stop looking at my face in the mirror. Thank you!!!!

Love it! - Charlie P.

I really like S'moo! It has helped a lot with my acne and leveling out my hormones and periods. The unflavored is really nice because you can add it to a smoothie or protein shake and not really taste it at all. I'm someone who is used to protein shakes, smoothies etc and I had no problem adding it into my routine. Can't wait to keep seeing more results with S'moo!

Game changer!!! - Alyssa D.

I had bad acne as well as facial hair that each month comes right before my period during and shortly after and it would grow in ugly and thick, since taking S'moo for almost two months I have seen a decrease in acne as well as the facial hair and my skin is glowing and even my moods are better! I take my S'moo alongside my birth control to help regulate my hormones and they work so well together! So thankful for S'moo! It's changed my life!

Wonderful!! - Michelle L.

Have had hormonal acne for years and after 2 months finally seeing a difference!!

Regular Flows

A lighter flow takes the world off your shoulders. As a previously heavy bleeder myself, there is nothing worse than wearing diaper size pads to counter a heavy flow or changing out tampons faster than the hours in a day. Not only is S’moo regulating periods, it’s also regulating flows. Women are happy to find less spotting and more regular flows that aren’t drowning out their flow week!

Ovary good. - Beth R.

After using this for about a month. I noticed less mood swings around my period. My nails and hair started to grow! And my periods weren't as heavy.

Fantastic Product - Kate B.

I suffer from uterine fibroids which cause a heavy moontime (period). After trying this for 1 month, it took my 10 day flow down to a 5 day. It was truly wonderful to experience relief after years of trying literally everything. I highly recommend S'moo to women who suffer from irregular flows or hormonal fits during period time, which tend to go hand in hand. I enjoy it best in a smoothie first thing in the morning. It's magical. And I am beyond thankful!!

Weight Loss

Sugar cravings are gone and the weight isn’t sticking like it was before! So often, like with Karagan, the S’moo Founder, weight gain can be hard, if not impossible to loose. PCOS, especially makes it hard. It’s amazing seeing how balanced hormones can change our day to day health!

S'moo is a lifesaver! - Lauren L

It definitely has been a game changer for me. It's helped me balance my hormones to aid me in losing weight and my energy is up! It's only been 2 weeks and I can't wait to see in the coming months what it does for me.

Amazing! - Frankie L.

Since using S'moo I've had a more balanced mood when PMSing. My skin has improved. While I have a major sweet tooth my cravings have stopped.

Love ! - Desiree J.

I have struggled with hormone imbalance for years and this is the only supplement that has helped me become balanced . I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood and anxiety and I'm having way less sugar cravings. I am a customer for life.

Major Changes - Chloe S.

I have been using this product every morning for about 2 months and I'm obsessed. My hormonal acne on my cheeks and chest are gone, I've noticed a difference with my hair, I have lost a little bit of weight, my energy levels are up, and I don't feel as stressed out. And because of all of that, my depression & anxiety are a lot lower. I'm still taking 2 prescription medications, including birth control, for my PCOS but I was able to cut out a lot of those meds after talking with my doctor and don't need to start any anti-depressants like I was planning on.


Countless women are raving about their new energy! S’moo is great for raising energy levels and people have found that it can take the place of coffee in the morning, it also helps balance your hormones which will naturally make you feel more awake.

Taste is okay but it actually makes me feel good - Kelly B.

My energy in general feels so much better/ even my coworkers noticed in the first week. Definitely going to keep purchasing.

Love love - Cheyenne A.

I feel so much better more energy throughout the day.

Great Product - Ava K.

I have been taking this for over a week now and feel a lot better! My energy levels have increased massively!!

Can't live without it! - Seda T.

This product is amazing. I feel more energetic and have experienced less mood swings generally since I began using S'moo everyday.


Hair and hormones are linked. So it’s no surprise that women are seeing more hair on their head and less hair on their face. Facial hair comes from the imbalance of hormones, normally higher-than-normal levels of androgens, including testosterone. Though S’moo get’s your hormones back on track. More detail on that here.

Taste Delicious - Elena L.

I drink it everyday. I love the S'moo chocolate sooo much my pimples went away, my pores look smaller, my hair stopped falling out, and I don't get period cramps anymore!

So far so good!- Heather G.

I bought this to help regulate hormones to help with my hormonal acne. I have noticed fewer breakouts and I also noticed less hair fall out while in the shower. I didn't even know that could be a hormone issue until after I ordered S'moo and looked around on their blog. Will definitely be a repeat customer! And yes, the flavor/texture may not be the BEST, but it's definitely worth it and tolerable for the results!

S'moo Babe Sisterhood 

The S’moo Sisterhood! Recently started, but growing fast and strong is our S’moo Babe Private Group on Facebook where thousands of women are talking in a private space, asking one another questions and helping each other out.

I am very happy with my purchase - Vanessa V.

I live in Italy and we have no food supplement like this, I'm using my S'moo and I can already see the good influence it has on my mood and body. Happy to be part of your sisterhood, I will buy it again!!

Speaking of the Private Group, there were some more personal success stories that talk about fertility! Women getting pregnant thank’s to S’moo. They are beautiful stories shared with their fellow S’moo Babes before telling their families or the world. When women have been experiencing infertility, it’s terrifying to finally make it to the next step but it is possible with the right hormone balancing technique and of course the support from the right sisterhood!

Thank you for being part of this year of S’moo and for the years to come. We love you, and we can’t wait to help you make the most of your health! 

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