It can be hard to think of new recipes when you are using S’moo everyday which is why we wanted to put this list together to give you some simple on-the-go ideas using Unflavored S’moo.

Salads! Unflavored S’moo mixes great in a single serving size of dressing. The slight nutty flavor of the Unflavored S’moo is easily masked in creamy or ranch style dressings. You can do a simple side salad or make a full lunch out of it with eggs, walnuts and tomatoes. Your options are limitless.

Pizza! You have two options: mixing S’moo into your dough or into your sauce. If you are making pizza from scratch we suggest pulling a small amount of dough aside and mixing in your S’moo for a mini pizza. Or if you bought a pre-made crust, mix S’moo into your tomato sauce (just be sure to figure out if you’ll eat the whole pizza or half before hand so you can decide how much S’moo to put in.

Gravy! Gravy goes on lots of things like mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy, pot roast, you name it!

Sauce packets or homemade sauces of any kind can be great to add S’moo to. Hollandaise sauce for breakfast or even mixing S’moo into barbecue sauce! Dipping chicken nuggets in BBQ sauce or any sauce for that matter? Mix S’moo in!

Scrambled eggs! Just crack open some eggs and mix in S’moo really well before cooking!

Pancakes or waffles! Sharing with the family? That’s okay, just take some of the batter to the side and mix in S’moo for your own set of Hormone Balancing pancakes.

Oatmeal! S’moo mixes in great with oatmeal and it is a great option for breakfast as oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. Add a little honey and some berries to make it extra enjoyable.

Yogurt! An all time favorite for unflavored S’moo or any flavor S’moo! We suggest greek yogurt to give you more protein and less sugar. Though whatever yogurt you get, know they are packed with probiotics and is great for your morning. Try adding honey and fruit to make it extra special.

Peanut butter! That’s right, why not make a PB&J sandwich with S’moo? Just mix your S’moo really well into creamy, all natural peanut butter (we suggest just mixing enough for your one serving instead of mixing it all into the jar).

Do you have an awesome suggestion that we haven’t tried yet? Send us an email and let us know at