Kendall here, I am one of the writers here at S'moo! I’m currently in Switzerland, adventuring in the mountains as cow bells ring through the hills and waterfalls echo in my ears as much as the sound of singing birds. Though as much as I love to travel, I’ve realized one thing, traveling effects my hormones and they effect yours too. Let me enlighten you with my experience. You can find a helpful list for your next travel experience below.


We all have a routine, for some people it’s pretty basic and for others it’s more complicated but whatever that routine is, it changes when you travel. For one, your sleep schedule is completely changed. Pretty much this last week has been so inconsistent that I don’t know when I’m adventuring or falling asleep under a shade tree and waking up at sunset. Why does this matter? Because your sleep-wake cycle interferes with endocrine signaling (chemical messenger system comprising feedback loops of hormones released by internal glands of an organism directly into the circulatory system). There are a few studies that show how sleep disturbance, negatively impacts hormonal rhythms and metabolism and is also associated with weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Not that all the Swiss sweets are helping my case in that department. 


Second, drinking enough water. Normally this isn’t too hard but when you’re traveling… forget it. Yesterday, I hiked to the top of a castle and like a typical tourist, I didn’t bring any water. I was miserable until I got back down (yes that blog photo is of me, sitting in the castle doorway). Staying hydrated is essential for your health and is supports your liver as it detoxes your body from excess hormones that fuel skin and other hormone problems. 


Don’t forget food! Today, everything was closed in the small town we stayed in near the Matterhorn. We hadn’t planned for that! Finding healthy, hormone-supportive food when you travel is difficult even when the stores are open! Airports are impossible and not to mention when you travel your supplements often get left at home. I left my S’moo at home because I didn’t check a bag and I’m regretting it! 


All these problems I’ve encountered on this trip are less than ideal but also completely normal for travelers. These shifts can cause acne, bloating, PMS, heavy periods, severe cramps, hormonal migraines, feeling tired and moody. I’ve for sure had the last two. 


So what do you do about it? Here is your list to protecting your hormones when you’re on your next trip. 


  1. Drink water. Try to bring a stainless steel water bottle you can fill up anywhere! 
  2. Say No! Stay away from Caffeine, say no to coffee as often as possible.
  3. Gut Health: Take fiber supplements a few days before you leave on your trip to counteract any digestive system problems that might arise from your changing diet. You can even take fiber supplements with you that are in single-serving packs that are easy to travel with. You can also grab some probiotic to keep your gut healthy in check as you encounter new foods. 
  4. Digestive Enzymes: Planning on eating a bunch of Cheese in Switzerland? Or indulging in any local customs food you’d normally avoid? Then pack some digestive enzymes. These new food experiences might be enjoyable socially and make your taste buds dance but they don’t always agree with you physically. Digestive enzymes will help relieve you of some of those unwanted effects. 
  5. Try to find a balance with sleep! Even short distances can change your internal clock leaving you tired in the middle of the day and completely awake in the middle of the night. Bring magnesium with you to relax the before night and take some ear plugs and an eye mask to block out distractions when trying to keep on a plane. Melatonin or valerian root can also help you sleep in your new time zone. 
  6. Pack healthy snacks. Avoid getting hungry on the move and grabbing the junk food at the gas station by packing snacks that keep your blood sugar balanced. Some suggestions would be dark chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds or almonds. 
  7. Emergency kit. Pack those things you know you need when something is wrong. For me it’s Pepto Bismol and Emergen-c packets (you can also bring vitamin C and Zinc).
  8. Bring S'moo on the go. I don't want to leave without my S'moo again! My sister recommends these GoStak containers for traveling so I'm going to pick some up off of Amazon. Click here for the link!


Your next trip is going to be amazing. Don’t let anything stop you, just be prepared. Go live life to the fullest! 



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