If only S’moo had been around when I was in High School! BUT IT WASN’T. I had irregular periods and the worst menstrual cramps! I took a lot of Motrin to deal with my painful cramps that were paired with heavy bleeding. Do you know what that Motrin got me? A stomach ulcer!!!

Menstrual Cramps

Why do I bring this up?

Why do I bring this up? Because the reviews are in. I’ve seen countless reviews that S’moo has reduced or even gotten rid of menstrual cramps.

Review from Lisa F.  PRAISE BE I FOUND S’MOO I have only been using S’moo for a few months and I have noticed a huge increase and energy and a DRAMATIC shift in my periods.

I recently went off the pill and was honestly anxious about the cramps, nausea, acne, and heaviness of my period each month, but S’moo has made the transition SEAMLESS. I haven’t had any cramps during my period and it’s not as heavy as it used to feel.

I also used to experience random gum tenderness due to hormonal fluctuations around the time of my period and that has completely vanished. I’m excited to get a read on my cortisol levels after having been on S’moo for a little while. This stuff WORKS and has been a God-send! THANK YOU, S’MOO!!

What Causes Cramps?

There are lots of reasons behind Cramps (some that you should see your doctor for if you can’t find relief) most are from your uterus contracting to help expel its lining. What triggers the uterine muscle to contract? Prostaglandins.

The higher the level of prostaglandins, the more-severe your menstrual cramps can be. However, studies show that stress can increase your menstrual cramps, and menstrual irregularity.

Because S’moo is helping women regulate their hormones and get back on track with a regular menstrual cycle, it makes since that it’s reducing cramping for many of the women using it.

Review From Allison V. PCOS and painful cramps

For the past several months, maybe even over 6 months I have been getting very painful cramps and heavy flow during my cycle. I wasn’t sure what was wrong but I assumed it was related to my PCOS

Anyways, long story short after trying other hormone balancing supplements I saw an ad for S’moo on instagram and after taking it for the past almost two months, the two times I’ve hit my cycle I am no longer in a lot of pain and even my flow seems to be so much lighter. I really do recommend trying this product. Everyone is different but for me this really worked. Anyone trying to regulate their hormones should try this.

It can be super hard being a woman and dealing with our bodies but with the right tools, we can do anything and live a life without discomfort.

Read the reviews for yourself, hundreds of women are telling us about their experience with S'moo!

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