I personally haven’t considered the Keto Diet because I’m Vegetarian and Gluten Free and that makes life hard enough! However I’ve been finding more and more women who are using the keto diet to regulate their hormones and increase their egg quality. 

With that said, it’s hard not to roll your eyes at every new trend that goes viral because you can pretty much do a google search that includes "Keto Diet + ______" and it tells you this diet has all the answers.

Though this particular trendy diet does seem to have a lot of benefits for overall health and based on recent research, it can benefit you if you have PCOS or are trying to get pregnant.

Why the Ketogenic diet?
The keto diet forces your body to go into ketosis which is where your body doesn't have enough carbs for your cells to use for energy. Instead your body makes ketones which it uses instead of carbs. This helps your body burn fat for energy and that is the reason this particular diet is so popular because that process causes a lot of weight loss!

Why does this help for PCOS?
The biggest reason is that this diet helps you avoid foods that have a negative impact on your insulin resistance (65-70% of women with PCOS are affected by insulin resistance). This diet also helps reduce inflammations in the body which is often a contributor to infertility.

How does the Keto Diet reverse insulin resistance?
Once on the keto diet your body will go into ketosis (when you’re body is burning fat instead of carbs) which will cause your body to start losing weight. This will help improve your insulin resistance.

Fertility benefits?
This diet is known to help with egg quality because of the lower carb levels and higher protein (assuming you’re keeping your protein over 25%). Recent meta-analysis showed significant improvements in reproductive hormones from the keto diet. However since this research has only been happening for about 3 years, more studies need to take place before it becomes the number one diet to be recommended when battling infertility.

If you’re thinking about starting this diet, talk to your doctor, do the research and ask yourself if you’re ready for this life change. Taking on a new diet can be a serious challenge but it can be worth it, you just have to want it enough to stick with it!

Research points us all in the direction of this diet being extremely healthy and positive for fertility, there is not definitive evidence at this point that the diet actually increases fertility. However it does seem to help people live a healthy life style with less or no sugar and carbs.

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