I remember my first Hot Flash. I remember my second and third. I also remember the older women around me laughing. “You’re too young for menopause.”
“How old are you again?”

I’ve been getting hot flashes for as long as I’ve had periods. They aren’t crazy common but I’ve gotten no sympathy when they’ve hit. But it’s true, a huge misconception is that women ONLY get hot flashes during menopause. So lets change that well known fact to FALSE!  

We are Women, we are Strong, we are Different and lets face it, our bodies like to mess with us in different ways. So if you’re younger and have had those ups and downs in body temperature, I get it. Hot flashes in younger women tend to happen during the luteal phase (the week before) your period. It’s at a time where your estrogen is at its lowest. Some women also experience insomnia and other symptoms that are less than a walk in the park with their PMS and sometimes you’re the only one in the group in this funk!

Hot flashes might be even more common if you’re over 35. This is because of the hormonal changes that start happening when you get closer to menopause (just great *eye roll* at least we’re in it together). The average age of menopause is 51 but perimenopause, which is uneven and unpredictable fluctuations in estrogen levels, starts around 30. This is something Smoo can help with as it balances hormones to optimal levels, balancing out your body in a way that can also balance your estrogen levels.

A little background on hot flashes is that scientist (despite studies) haven’t learned much about it besides it ties to estrogen levels. What does estrogen have to do with body temperature? Researchers suspect it communicates with the hypothalamus (you’re bodies little thermostat) and when estrogen is low, the hypothalamus creates signals about your body temperature.

Other things that can help?
Some foods can help you if you’re having low estrogen for example tofu or edamame, flax seed, avocados, and nuts.

Hot Flashes… I’m too Young (NOT)

No matter what, one thing that can help with hot flashes is understanding, and not telling women they are too young. We have to stick together and drink Smoo chai shake and eat avocado toast under the sun together. ;)



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