Sometimes as we get older, the holidays can feel less magnificent and adult life can creep in with stresses and struggles that make it so a Christmas tree doesn’t hold the same magic.

Positive thinking has been shown to reduce stress and lower depression. Some studies even show positive thinking can increase the body’s resistance to the common cold.

So let’s up our positivity and holiday spirt to bring ourselves closer to that magic we felt as a kid! Here are some great ideas to enjoy these last few days leading up to Christmas and activities to bring you into the New Year.


Laughing reduces stress and decreases the urge to be negative. Call a friend who always makes you laugh, put on a favorite comedy (holiday themed or not), look up online videos and find a way to laugh today. Why is it so good for you? It actually enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your lungs, muscles and heart.



Moving makes people happy. Get those socks on and go dance like no one is watching. It doesn’t have to be amazing dancing, just move around and goof off until you’ve gotten all that negative energy out of your system.

Dancing stimulates the release of important chemicals, particularly dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. These chemicals induce positive emotions that can overpower feelings of pain and loneliness. It also oxygenates the brain, promotes self awareness, improves balance and helps train your muscles to be relaxed in movement.



You don’t have to sing on key, in fact lip-syncing into a hair brush is extremely fun as well. Let out your inner pop star and have a blast just letting go! It is yet another activity that releases endorphins and lifts your spirits.

If you actually decide to sing, know that you have a tiny organ in your ear called the sacculus which responds to singing with a sense of pleasure. Studies show that this happens even if you are a horrible singer! It’s a great way to take your mind off of troubles. Don’t want to sing in front of others? Go on a walk and sing to nature.


If you can’t make yourself do any of these 3 suggestions then try doing smaller good deeds that will make you feel good about yourself. Send positive messages to people you love and tell them why you enjoy having them in your life. 

You can also look up positive thinking seminars online and spend a few minutes being coached on remembering why you deserve to be happy.

Remember that you can improve your immune system

With laughing, dancing and singing… seems crazy but if it helps reduce negative thoughts then you’re helping your body. Negative thoughts create a chemical reaction that let your body create even more stress and this begins to decrease your immunity!

Feeling super alone?

Don’t hold it in, share your feelings with someone you trust and get those negative vibes off your chest. This has been a very difficult year and if you need help, please reach out.

Remember how important it is to love yourself and give your mind and body the tools it needs to be positive. Also don't forget that part of feeling happy is feeling healthy. Keep taking your S'moo and keep your hormones balanced through the holiday season.

Change your energy to a positive one and you’ll change your life.

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Happy Holidays!