I don’t know about you but with every passing day, I’m getting older and juggling more stress. Two common yet extremely difficult elements of life to overcome. Which is why, here at S’moo, we thought… let’s do it! Let’s create a formula to help with everyday elements of life.

Introducing Babe Boosters! Beauty Babe and Balanced Babe are here to make your life easier with just one scoop a day. Think of it this way, you’re giving your body a unique and proven blend to transform you from the inside out.

I’m going to tell you how I’m personally using Babe Boosters to give you a better idea of how they might fit into your life.


First, Balanced Babe is great for those days where everything is just a little off. Stressed at work? Driving in traffic? Feeling a little moody? I get it, this all-natural herbal supplement helps balance your mood and body when you need it most. 

Here are some of the awesome ingredients in Balanced Babe and why each ingredient may help you feel your best, most balanced self:

Balanced Babe Ingredients

Goji: (May help promote) Reduced Fatigue and Stress Levels, Higher Energy Levels, Better Quality of Sleep, Mental Acuity, Feelings of Health & Happiness

Astragalus: (May help promote) Mental Calmness, Feelings of Balance, Mitigation of Mood Swings, Regulating Stress Levels

Gaba: (May help promote) Calming Effects, Improved Mood, Anxiety Relief, PMS Relief

Red Sage Root: (May help promote) Reduced Anxiety, Feelings of Contentedness & Calmness

Reishi: (May help promote) Boost Energy, Alleviate Anxiety, Ease Feelings of Depression, Encourage Better Sleep

Maca: (May help promote) Improved Mental Well-Being, Improved Mood, May Reduce Feelings of Depression and Anxiety.

L-Theanine & Chamomile: (May help promote) Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Promote Sense of Calm & Overall Better Mood

Holy Basil Leaf & Ashwagandha: (May help promote) Reduce Stress Levels, Provide Social Anxiety Relief, Reduce Fatigue, Promote Calmness

Those are pretty awesome ingredients right? Plus you can really feel the difference.

Beauty Babe – all in one hair & skin support powder!

Beauty Babe is your all in one hair & skin support powder. It can help with hydration, skin elasticity + cell vitality; plus provides antioxidant properties + skin protection. 

This all-natural herbal supplement helps beautify your hair and skin with highly studied natural ingredients that support your whole-body health, keeping your look young and new. 

Here is a break down of the powerful ingredients that can give you these results!

Beauty Babe Ingredients:

Biotin: (May help support) Improved Hair Health & Reduced Hair Loss, Improve Skin Health & Improve Glowing Skin, Strengthen Nails

Pearl Powder: (May help support) Strengthen Hair, Promote Production of Collagen, Improve Skin Tone

Lycium: (May help support) Reduce wrinkles, promote hair growth, protect against free radicals, increase skin hydration, help treat acne.

Shizandra Berry: (May help support) Anti-Aging, Protect Skin Cells & Promote Glowing Skin, Promote Hair Shine, & May Also Protect Against UVB Induced Skin Damage

Rehmannia Root: (May help support) Reduce Hair Loss, Reduce Dry Skin or Hair, Restore Hair Health and Vibrancy

Amla Fruit: (May help support) Promote Anti-Aging, Help Treat Acne, Promote Hair Health, Even Skin Tone, Reduce Hair Problems such as Dryness.

Aren’t those ingredients amazing?

Our favorite part of Babe Boosters is how easy they are to use!

Add one scoop to your smoothies, daily breakfast or snacks. I even shake mine up in ice tea or juice. It has a light herbal taste but it is kind of refreshing.

Beauty Babe is most effective used daily but for Balanced Babe, it can be taken daily or just when you really feel like you need it. Each scoop gives you a blend of highly studied and proven herbs for optimal hair and skin health. You can have the confidence that every scoop provides exactly what you need, without additional supplementation.

Medical Disclaimer

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