Times are a little crazy right now with the Corona Virus but life is still happening and our bodies are still going to behave the way our bodies do. Being a woman sometimes means a little extra to our days, moods, irregular periods... you know what I'm talking about.

Which is why I want to take a moment to let you know why S'moo makes YOU feel so good, while regulating your periods, clearing up your skin and helping you manage your weight. I'm going to run you through the ingredients and also some awesome reviews from ladies like you who are achieving balanced hormones with S'moo ❤️

Healthy Ingredients

1- Inositol

Is a nutrient found in fruits, beans, grains, and nuts and is also made by the body. Studies have shown that inositol improves the way the body uses insulin and promotes normal hormone levels, which in turn promote regular menstrual cycles and normal ovarian function. Inositol also supports normal lipid levels, and promotes egg quality in certain women trying to conceive.

2- NAC

NAC supplementation may help improve insulin levels, insulin sensitivity, ovulation, and fertility. NAC helps to reduce menstrual irregularity, abnormal hair growth, and cholesterol. And in women undergoing fertility treatment, NAC may improve ovulation and pregnancy rates and works as well as metformin for improving egg and embryo quality. NAC is much safer and better tolerated than metformin, however.

3- Ashwagandha

Treats symptoms like irregular period, infertility, depression, weight gain, and insomnia by restoring hormonal balance. It lowers cortisol (stress hormone) and testosterone, which, along with low progesterone. It makes the body use up insulin and lowers fat. It also fights cell damage by boosting immunity. Taken with other herbs, it induces ovulation, regularizes periods, and relieves period pain.

4- Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate is involved in metabolism and is one of the body’s most important electrolytes. It is needed for over 300 body reactions and functions, including detoxification of toxins, regulation of blood sugar levels, relaxation of blood vessels. Magnesium is shown to improve insulin sensitivity, fight fatigue & stress, improve heart health, fight symptoms of depression and promotes better sleep.

5- Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a trace mineral that enhances the function of insulin.

6- Brown Rice Protein

Is an easily digested, fast absorbing, superb plant source of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that provides a good protein alternative for people who are looking to avoid dairy. Brown Rice Protein may promote a decrease of body fat and help normalize blood sugar.

7- Vitamin D3

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8- Zinc Gluconate

Zinc Gluconate may help improve PMS symptoms, fertility, hair loss, acne prone skin and reduce inflammation.

All of these lovely ingredients combined, are helping your bodies hormones regulate. Here are some reviews from this week, that I personally loved. There were so many good ones to pick from and some really long ones I enjoyed reading (you can read those long ones on your own here 😋) 


Ramis T.  - Energy Booster!

There’s such a huge difference between my energy levels before and after S’moo. Prior to S’moo, I had no energy to do the bare minimum but after taking S’moo everyday, there’s such an evident difference of how energized I am. I don’t feel sluggish anymore and I’m so much energized and happier. Definitely repurchasing.


Stéphanie M. - Amazing!

I absolutely love this product! I am finally able to go to work while on my period! I don’t call in sick because of the pain. I mix it in with chocolate almond milk and yum! Definitely need a shaker cup for this. There are definitely great recipes I have yet to try from the website! This has been gold for my reproductive health :)

Midiana M. - Great:

I personally see a difference in my period, skin, and weight. I can’t live with out this!!!!!

Cristina C.  -  Impressed:

So I didn’t want to write a review right away because I wanted to first see how much this product worked for me. Ive been taking it for 2 months now, I've noticed that my hormones are more balanced than before. My moods before was always up and down, and I would PMS like crazy.. my boyfriend pointed out to me that my moods have been better. Before and during my period I would be SUPER bloated and have cramps... since taking this I haven’t been bloated and cramps were less intense... my period seems easier.

I have also noticed its helping to regulate my period. My period before would be 34, 35, or even 40 days... super irregular. Since taking this I feel like my body is slowly going down to a regular 28 day cycle. So far one cycle was 29 days and the other was 30. I'm impressed and don’t think I'll stop using S'moo for a while!