This is our story, filled with all of you. I can’t tell you how much I love going to work and being part of a community that helps one another. It’s rewarding and I wanted to take a moment during PCOS Awareness Month to not only talk about PCOS but to highlight all the S’moo Babes and everything they are dealing with.

We are women, we are strong and boy do our bodies sometimes put us through… a lot! With enough trial and error, with enough knowledge about diet changes or supplements we can find what works best for us, to balance us and be healthier and happier.

For me, seeing the 1000’s of women we’ve helped and reading their reviews of S’moo really makes me happy. So I thought I’d share a few, focusing on all the different things S’moo can help with like Perimenopause symptoms, sleep, mood, PCOS, Endo, cramps, you name it!

Some of these reviews are short and sweet and others really let you into their lives. I hope you’ll enjoy a glance into a life of a S’moo Babe and appreciate them taking the time to share their S’moo stories.


Review from S’moo Babe Kristan V.

I absolutely love this stuff! I’ve battled PCOS for over a decade now & have experienced all the woes of trying different medications only to either be crazy sick or so moody I could hardly stand myself.

S’moo, for me, has taken things in a much more positive direction! I take mine mid-day with a smoothie-like blend of oat milk & PB2 & the difference in my energy level is felt almost immediately.

Since I started, I’ve had a healthy cycle with much less cramping. I’ve also noticed my water retention during was almost non-existent. (Previously I would gain 10-12lbs every cycle in water weight & was totally uncomfortable for a week after while I went back to my regular size.)

I also battle anxiety, another side effect of the PCOS issues, and have been able to step away from the natural remedies I was previously using, like gaba, all together!

Last but not least, I’ve really enjoyed the community that comes with S’moo. The group page has women from all stages of life who’ve seen/done/experienced it all. They are remarkable at offering advice or even just a virtual hug on tricky days. It really helps ya feel like a babe! 

*Kristan is featured in todays blog image
and doesn’t she look awesome!  


Review From S'moo Babe Jacquelyn D. 

Still on my first tub but after 2 weeks I am noticing a HUGE Difference in bloating and water retention and my Perimenopause symptoms. 


Review from S'moo Babe Marie M.

I have been using S'moo for just around 3 weeks.

I have been sleeping really well (I have it with almond milk and protein powder in the evening)

I was diagnosed with having endometriosis back in March with symptoms including painful intercourse, pressure pain when sitting and severe bloating. Also ttc (trying to conceive) since July last year.

Since S’moo, my painful endo symptoms have definitely improved, my mood is better and my menstrual cycle was much less traumatic than it usually is (that was after just a week of taking S'moo) I have a healthy diet, exercise regularly and aim for 3 litres of water a day. I would defo recommend to anyone that is looking to regulate their cycles or even just feeling better in themselves. 


Review from S'moo Babe Hannah

I was a skeptic, but after reading Karagan’s story about also being diagnosed at a young age and struggling with PCOS symptoms, I was convinced to at least give it a try. I’m happy to say that I’m absolutely thrilled with the difference it has made to me! I’m coming to the end of my first tub, and have already noticed slowed growth in my hirsute hair, weight shifts easier, and the inositol has also made a noticeable difference to my mental health (I have depression & anxiety that I am medicated for). I use the chocolate ovary good and have been enjoying a daily chocolate milkshake made with oat milk and it’s lovely! Well worth the delivery wait, much love from a UK #smoobabe! 



Review from S'moo Babe Deanna S.

I started taking S’moo 8/2020 and I love it. My period is irregular, I get bad cramps, sick, headaches, horrible mood swings and bad PMS. Everything changed after taking S’moo and I’m so thankful I took the chance on this product. I’m definitely going to be taking S’moo for years to come. 


Review from S'moo Babe Khyrsten M.

S'moo is literally magic in a tub! I'm on my 2nd tub and life just feels better everyday.

From no longer having horrible painful periods, to more energy, to smooth skin, less hair falling out, to feeling all around amazing!

S'moo has changed my life, and I cant wait to see what other magic it brings to me! 


Review from S'moo Babe Taryn C.  

S'moo is the only thing that has helped my Endometriosis and PMDD, thank you S'moo. 


I hope these reviews show you that you're not alone. Being a S'moo Babe is about being a positive light to yourself and to others. It is about not letting your medical results define you and how you live your daily life. It is about waking up every day being thankful for another day on this earth, and taking the cards life has dealt you and making the absolute best of it. Being a S’moo Babe is taking our experiences and helping others but it also sometimes means being vulnerable and asking for help when you need it most.

Being a S’moo Babe is about reminding yourself and others that you’re beautiful and no matter what your situation is, there is always hope. The S’moo Babes are here to help.

We are so incredibly grateful to have you as a part of the #smoobabe sisterhood, and if you haven't had a chance yet to join the S'moo Babe community you can find it at

Together, we will change so many lives!

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