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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Do you ship internationally?

There was a problem with my order, who do I contact?

Do you do Wholesale?

Product Information

What are the ingredients?

Where is your product made?

How long is the shelf life of S'moo?

Does S'moo have a taste?!

How long until I start to notice a difference?

Can I take S'moo if I'm pregnant?

Is S'moo safe to take while breastfeeding?!

Does S'moo help if I have Endometriosis?

I currently don't take vitamins, do I need to take anything alongside S'moo?

Is S'moo just for PCOS?

Can S'moo be taken alongside Birth Control?

How many times a day should I take S'moo?

Has S'moo been reviewed and tested by specialists?

Will S'moo help regulate my period?

If I have regular periods, can I still take S’moo?

When should I start taking S’moo? Should I start at the beginning of my cycle?

I’m trying to get pregnant. Will S’moo help me?

Will S'moo help me lose weight?

Is S'moo only for smoothies?

My S'moo isn't mixing well into my drink - what am I doing wrong?

Does S'moo have side effects?

Does S'moo have caffeine?

Can I drink S'moo with water?

Can I take S’moo with medications prescribed by my doctor?

Will S’moo help with Hirsutism?

Is S'moo FDA Certified?


What are the ingredients in S’moo?!

Can I take additional Inositol alongside S’moo?

Is S'moo vegan? Is it gluten, dairy and sugar free?