New Year, New Goals Bundle

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New Year means New Goals, and if one of your goals in 2024 is fitness... this bundle can help you on your journey! This bundle is available exclusively for the New Year. Try our hormone friendly pre-workout, and get our #Smoo45 Challenge planner for just $5!

About Our Pre-Workout:

Energiz(her) Pre-workout is the perfect way to start your workout! With more energy and support for your body, you can make the most of your workout and see better results. This delicious peach-flavored powder is easy to mix and drink, and it will help you increase your endurance, focus, and strength. For best results, mix one scoop with 8-10 oz of water and drink it before you hit the gym. 

Energiz(her) Pre-workout contains 49mg of natural caffeine from tea per scoop, and is hormone friendly with no artificial sweeteners or colors. 

About the #Smoo45 Planner:

The #Smoo45 is a 45 day challenge to help you create better habits over the course of the challenge. From drinking more water, to taking your S'moo, to getting in your steps, to practicing gratitude and more.

Join the #Smoo45 and jump start your New Year goals in 2024!

New Year, New Goals Bundle