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You don't have to let PMS control your life. Our PMS Bundle includes two of our most popular products, Unflavored Ovary Good and Balanced Babe. These products are scientifically proven to reduce mood swings, ease PMS, and combat some of the most common symptoms and conditions related to hormone imbalances.** Plus, get a free Menstrual Cup when you bundle, and save.


You don't have to let PMS control your life. Our PMS Bundle includes two of our most popular products, Unflavored Ovary Good and Balanced Babe. These products are scientifically proven to reduce mood swings, ease PMS, and combat some of the most common symptoms and conditions related to hormone imbalances.** Plus, get a free Menstrual Cup when you bundle, and save.

No More PMS Bundle

Over 100,000+ women are balancing their hormones with S'moo. Join them.

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6 Months Using S'moo

Lily G.

I’ve struggled with hormonal acne, irregular periods etc…. for about 6 years. I went to several doctors, dermatologist, naturopath, but all left me spending money with little to no results. I was extremely discouraged and thought I would never see clear skin or have a regular cycle. We came across S’moo while researching PCOS. I started taking S’moo products and started seeing great results after about 6 months. I will continue to take S'moo and share it with others! I am so thankful!

Before Using S'moo
After Using S'moo

Janaia F.

"Despite not having PCOS, I struggled with severe hormonal imbalances and cystic acne for two years. Nothing worked until I tried S’moo. Within ten days, I noticed positive changes, and by the end of one tub, my acne was completely gone. My skin is healing, my mood swings and severe cramps have disappeared, and my overall well-being has improved. S’moo has truly transformed my life."

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After S'moo

Roxana E.

"Thanks S'moo for helping me lose weight, thanks for regulating my period, thanks for giving me more energy, thanks for fixing my hormonal acne. Thanks S'moo for changing my life."

Before Using S'moo
2 Months Using S'moo

Tambra H.

"I wanted to share my experience for anyone who feels they've lost hope. When I first started S’moo, I lost 8 pounds without even trying. Pairing S’moo with my Herbalife shakes for two months helped me lose a total of 25 pounds! I've never felt better or more confident. Remember, you can do it. Find what works for you and stick to it. The results will come. Don’t stop trying."

2 Months Using S'moo

Tobie S.

"2 months I was on S'moo and I got pregnant. We have been trying over 1.5 years! So thankful for S'moo!"

Nicole R.

"After two years on S'moo and countless prayers, we received the sweetest surprise during my fertility testing. God is in the details (and so is S'moo). If you're on your TTC or infertility journey, know you are prayed for, loved, your feelings are valid, and you are worthy of every blessing. I cannot recommend S'moo enough."

Cassandra G.

"Introducing S’moo baby Zia who made her way into the world after 36 hours of induced labor which resulted in a C-section on April 19th! I feel like I’m living in a dream! I just want to offer a big special shout out to the members of the S’moo team for being so supportive and for creating Ovary Good so that this dream could become a reality."

Ellie C.

"I had my S'moo baby! After eight years of trying to get pregnant with insulin-resistant PCOS and suspected endometriosis, I lost ten pounds on the PCOS diet and got a surprise BFP. After a successful pregnancy and a beautiful two-year-old, I started taking S'moo to regulate my period. Without having a regular period, I got another BFP and now have Gracelynn Jade! Be kind to yourself, be patient, and never let anyone invalidate your feelings. #SmooBabyTwo!"

Genesis T.

"Does not seem like a huge difference in pics but the black marks around my neck associated with PCOS have reduced so so much! So many people have noticed it on me in person. Thanks S'moo!"

Claire O.

"After 3 years of trying to conceive I found S‘moo. I only used half a tub as I didn’t use it everyday as in the back of my head I believed I’d never conceive as I tried so hard in the past, on every conceive pill I could think of and out the blue yesterday morning I tested with feeling sickly the past few weeks and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had to test again this morning to double check my results were correct yesterday. Keep going girls!! I lost belief in all hope I’d ever become a mum but here I am with 3 positives. Praying this S‘moo baby sticks! Can’t thank S’moo enough!!"

Nicole T.

"Here is my little S'moo rainbow baby!! I truly believe that S'moo is the reason that we have been gifted this angel In October of 2020 I got pregnant after taking S'moo for a couple of weeks, my husband and I had been trying for a baby for over a year and a half and with S'moo it happened so quickly! Sadly I had a miscarriage right before Christmas at 9 weeks pregnant. Fast forward only a couple months I got pregnant again in March 2021 with the help of S'moo again! On December 21st our girl Melina was born the same week I had lost her older sibling just a year before. We have really come a full circle! Ladies who are trying to conceive never give up!!! S'moo is magical and works wonders!"

Scientifically Formulated

Powered by Nature, Backed by Science, Created by Women

  • Over 10,000+ 5 Star Reviews

    We've helped thousands of women around the world improve their health, and hormones with scientifically backed formulations.

  • Manage Symptoms Naturally

    All of our products are made with highly studied and recommended vitamins, minerals and herbs to help you holistically reach your goals.

  • Quality Matters

    All of our ingredients are natural ingredients that are 3rd party tested for quantity, quality, and purity. All of our products are manufactured in the USA in an FDA-approved and GMP & NSF Certified Facility.

  • Fully Transparent, Always

    We have fully transparent labels so you know what you are getting in every scoop to ensure S'moo is the best decision for you.

Over 10,000+ 5 Star Reviews from customers worldwide
I was skeptical at first because I didn’t think it would work. From day 1 I was hooked. My energy levels are up. My face is clearing up. I just feel good even when I don’t. If that even makes sense! Wonderful experience. Totally recommend after years of dealing with PCOS Symptoms.
— Lucy P
A girls best friend when it comes to hormone balance. My over experience is amazing and I’m so thankful I found it! It gives me my energy back I remember having when I was 17 haha. My periods are regular and my mood swings well my husband thanks you! Love you guys!
— Cassandra C.
I love this product! I love S’moo! It has helped regulate my periods and I’m ovulating now for the first time ever. Hubby and I haven’t been able to conceive yet, but we’re still hopeful. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this product and how amazing it’s made me feel. I have more energy and I just feel better mentally and physically overall. Thank you, S’moo. ❤️
— Stephanie S.
This product has helped my PCOS symptoms tremendously! My period is regular and on time. My insulin resistance has improved and I'm finally losing weight as well. I feel better overall. Can't recommend enough!
— Tasha S.
I started taking S’moo for several reasons. 1) irregular periods. 2) irregular ovulation. 3) imbalanced hormones. 4) infertility. Within 2 weeks of taking S’moo every morning, I noticed a difference in my period. I started my period the second week and immediately noticed my cramping wasn’t as severe, and the bleeding wasn’t as heavy. Not only that but I had a normal, 5 day period vs the 7-14 days periods I had previously. I’m on month 2 and I have told everyone I know about this stuff! No, I haven’t got pregnant, but that could also change. This stuff has really balanced me out and I’m a customer for life!
— Shania T.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do each of the ingredients do?

Ovary Good is designed with highly studied, clean ingredients to promote hormonal balance including: 

Myo-Inositol: Inositol improves the way the body uses insulin and promotes normal hormone levels, which in turn promote regular menstrual cycles and normal ovarian function. 

N- Acetyl Cysteine: May help improve insulin levels, insulin sensitivity, ovulation, and fertility. Studies show it helps reduce menstrual irregularity, abnormal hair growth, and cholesterol 

Magnesium Citrate: shown to improve insulin sensitivity, fight fatigue & stress, improve heart health, fight symptoms of depression and promotes better sleep 

Ashwagandha: Treats symptoms of irregular periods, infertility, depression and weight gain by restoring hormonal balance. 

Vitamin D3: Lowers inflammation, reduces androgen levels and improves mood. 

Chromium Picolinate: A trace mineral that enhances the function of insulin and improves insulin resistance. 

Zinc Gluconate: May help improve PMS symptoms, fertility, hair loss, acne prone skin and reduce inflammation. 

Do I need to have PCOS to take S'moo?

Not necessarily! Thousands of our customers have found success using
S’moo to balance their hormones and symptoms that come along with PMS, PCOS, Menopause, and other hormone imbalances. Some of those
symptoms do include regulated menstrual cycles, improved skin complexion (especially hormonal acne!) mood swings, painful cramping, etc.

Will Ovary Good help me lose weight?

While S’moo was not necessarily designed to help add or lose weight, it was designed to help manage weight in regards to hormonal imbalance. 2 ingredients specifically (N-Acetyl Cysteine and Chromium Picolinate) are commonly used to regulate blood sugar levels, which can in turn aid with weight loss. We always recommend checking with a physician or certified nutritionist to see if S’moo is right for you.

I'm currently TTC, will S'moo help me?

We’re happy to report that many women who have taken S’moo while trying to conceive have been able to get pregnant however it is not a fertility medication and should not be taken without a doctors supervision and prior approval. S’moo was formulated to help regulate your period, restore ovulation, improve egg quality and balance your hormones, in turn helping you manage the symptoms that are common in hormone imbalances that may cause infertility. It’s important to note that S’moo is a natural supplement and results vary person to person. We always recommend consulting with your physician before taking S’moo to ensure that this is the right choice for you and for them to form the right plan for you.

Can I take Ovary Good with birth control?

S’moo was designed to balance hormones, and has helped many women regulate their period naturally. Many of our customers do take S'moo alongside birth control (but we always recommend checking in with your doctor to be sure). 

Is S'moo FDA approved?

In general, supplements aren't FDA approved, however we are GMPc certified in an NSF approved facility which means all of our ingredients are 3rd party tested for ingredient purity, quality & label accuracy. With all natural supplements, results vary person to person and we always recommend running S'moo by your doctor first to ensure it is the right fit for you. 

S'moo is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, please consult your physician before use. Results may vary person to person.

Awesome Recipes With Ovary Good

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats

S’moo Hormone Balancing Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats filled with warm cinnamon spices & baked to perfection all while balancing your hormones.

Hormone Balancing Guacamole

Whether you are looking for a hormone balance snack or ready to have tacos, this Restaurant Style Guacamole with S’moo Ovary Good is perfect for balancing your hormones.

Strawberry Oat Bars

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars are a healthier fruit dessert made with fresh strawberries & oats and a lightly sweetened with maple syrup plus packed full of vitamins, minerals and herbs from S’moo, to help balance your hormones and help you feel amazing.