S'moo Fitness 3-Step System

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Save $15 when you bundle our 3 Step System together! Get a 30 day supply of Energiz(her), Strong(her) and Recov(her) in this special bundle.

The first hormone friendly workout system that allows you to focus on your goals while supporting your body and hormones.

Step 1: Energiz(her)

Jumpstart your workout with Energiz(her) Pre-Workout from S’moo! Energiz(her) formula helps you get results faster by being able to channel your full energy into your workout, no matter the time of day (or month!). Not to mention, pre-workouts aren’t always hormone friendly, but this one is! Energiz(her) has no artificial sweeteners or colors, and has only 49mg of natural caffeine from tea. Formulated for the perfect energy boost, without the crash.

Step 2: Strong(her)

Make your body out-perform your goals with the right support through your workouts. Strong(her) EAA (Essential Amino Acid) formula helps give your muscles what they need keep you going during your workout & daily life. Strong(her) is the first hormone-friendly EAA product on the market with no artificial sweeteners or colors. With 5 grams of the 9 essential amino acids per servings.

Step 3: Recov(her)

Prime your body for strength & recovery with RECOV(her). Recov(her) Post Workout formula helps to refill your energy storages and provides your body with the right formula to stimulate muscle synthesis... which means YOU can get back in the game faster than ever before.

With all 3, you are unstoppable!

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