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Mix S'moo in what?!

You can stir Ovary Good into anything! Here are some ideas! Stir S'moo Ovary Good in't peanut butter, jam, cream cheese, cool whip, yogurt and more. Here are some ideas: 

- Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with S'moo

- Peanut butter oat balls with S'moo

- Cream Cheese & Jam with S'moo on a bagel 

- Yoguart with S'moo with granola and berries

- Pudding with S'moo 
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What if I don't have Unflavored S'moo?

Here are our suggestions: 

Add Chocolate Ovary Good to:
- Chocolate Pudding, 
- Chia Pudding, 
- Nutella spread 
- Peanut butter (for your own version of Nutella)
- Yogurt with a chocolate taste!

Add Cake Batter Ovary Good to:
- Chia Pudding
- Vanilla Pudding
- Yogurt with a cake batter taste
- Substitue for your sweetner in coffee or cookie recipes! 


Healthy Pancakes

Health hormone balancing pancakes with S'moo are a must! You'll love this clean and easy recipe! Check it out:

Chia Seed Pudding

Make a few for the week! For two servings all you need is: 2 cups almond milk, 2 scoops of Chocolate or Cake Batter S'moo (You can also use Unflavored but add honey), 2 TBSP of Chia seeds per jar and 1/2 cup of your S'moo/Milk Mix per jar. *Stir, cover and put in the fridge for 3 hours.

Smoothies, of course!

Smoothies are still our favorite way to take Ovary Good S'moo! The name S'moo actually came from the word Smoothie! We wanted something super easy to mix in, and that is what you got! Don't forget how many options you have!
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